• Daniel McKee

Introducing The StratFit Blog

Updated: Feb 12

With our new blog, we aspire to inform, educate, and most of all, to inspire.

We will keep you informed about the progress of our revolutionary system of applied science for physical training and all the products we are developing to bring the system to the world.

We hope we can educate you about practical ways to improve your training in innovative ways, based on our cutting-edge research, in-the-trenches trial-and-error, and more comprehensive techniques to apply the tried-and-true knowledge that training scientists, lifters, Bodybuilders, and athletes of all disciplines have accumulated since the dawn of organized training.

We hope that our story of creating a new applied science of physical training and our unwavering determination to make a practical system of products to use it for it will inspire you to follow your strongest creative inclinations to do something great in your field.

The world can only become better when more people find their creative spark and act on it. We hope to spark this in as many other potential entrepreneurs as possible.

Welcome to StratFit. Stay tuned; Achieve Beyond.

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