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The Purpose of Training: Explaining the Whys, Whats, and Whens of Fitness

We're launching a long-term blog series called "The Purpose Training."

The purpose of the series is to provide content that makes clear all the "whys," "whats," and "whens" of the training process, from the most over-arching theories down to the most detailed like choice of exercises, intensities, reps per set, and more.

One of the main issues trainers in expanding their clientele base is an inability to clearly communicate why they will use specific exercises, methods, intensities, and rep schemes in training at any given time. Many trainers work with clients effectively and systematically based on training science but lacked a tool to explain the process to clients.

The ability to explain the "whys, whats, and whens" is crucial for a trainer to sell their service and is the key to getting training results with any trainee, including elite athletes. If a trainee knows you know your stuff, and you can impart this knowledge to them, it supercharges the training process. When people understand what they are doing and why they are doing it, their ability to apply effort grows exponentially.

If you are a trainer, your business relies entirely on your client's ability to apply effort, and if you are a client training, your results and goal achievement is 100% dependent on it.

This series aims to make everything clear so that trainers will gain a fully comprehensive communication system to transform client acquisition and retention into an easily repeatable process. Clients and athletes will have the personal knowledge to make their fitness development a matter-of-fact process.

Stay tuned; this series will evaporate all the fog around physical training for non-competitive gym goers and elite athletes alike.

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