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The Projects That Will Change The game.  forever.

We're building a disruptive super-system of training hardware and equipment, and a digital product to control it all.                            Click here to view our pitch deck.


acceleration Strength Device

The StratFit Acceleration Strength Device (ASD) is a perfected "accommodating resistance" system for developing Acceleration Strength using chains.  The chains progressively unload onto the floor during the eccentric phase of the lift and progressively reload during the concentric phase.  This progress increase of the barbell force in the concentric phase induces the active neural network to produce an accelerating firing pattern to maintain the barbell's upward momentum.  Athletes have used chains for this purpose for years, but now we have perfected the ease of attaching them correctly, controlling the floor placement during the lift, and transportation and storage.  The ASD perfectly complements the XSD in an athlete's power training arsenal.



stratfit digital

StratFit Digital has two fundamental components, The Strategy Design Drive (SDD) and the user Achievement App.   The SDD is a Google-drive-like interface for designing and publishing training and nutrition programs for strength & conditioning coaches, personal trainers, and nutritionists.  Our system of applied science provides a comprehensive system of weight and measurement tools for all variables of the training-nutrition-competition process, facilitating complete program optimization.  Our user Achievement App is an AI-backed interface to guide trainees through the program of their choice, optimizing the variables in real-time based on user performance.

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Explosive Strength Device 

The StratFit Explosive Strength Device (XSD) combines an overloaded eccentric (lowering or "negative") phase with automatically unloading weights in the bottom position, which super-charges the explosiveness of the concentric phase of barbell presses and squats.  The device(s) leverages the maximal or supra-maximal neural integration of the overloaded eccentric phase to "hack" the active neural network and insert a supra-maximal power code into the concentric phase.  The XSD is a game-changer for power athletes.