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a revolutionary technoscientific system for training

The Evolution of Fitness in the 21st Century.


 What do you think would happen if someone were to unite an entire system of applied Science, Artificial intelligence, Personal trainers, and fitness clients into one digital fitness product?


We know because that is what we have done.  Our Science provides trainers with objective tools to design precise training programs, and our training design drive allows them to publish them to the whole fitness universe.  Our A.I. system takes the program and trains clients worldwide, optimizing the program in real-time.  We share the revenue for every program with the trainer; they scale their income, and clients have their training perfected moment-to-moment- everybody wins.  Our Next-Gen Special-Strengths Gear will make athletic peaking a real-time art form.  Within the next few years, the entire fitness industry will know the name “StratFit.”  Learn More Here.

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StratFit Digital Provides Precise Training Program Design and Income Scalability For Trainers And Real-Time Training Optimization for Clients.  Our System of Applied Science provides trainers with the tools to craft perfect training programs, and our program publishing system gives them access to the global fitness market.  Our unique system of A.I. takes the program and utilizes smartphone and wearable technologies to train clients in real-time.  Trainers scale their business, and clients scale their fitness.  SF Digital is fitness training, perfected. Click here to learn more.

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The StratFit Explosive Strength Device is the first component of the SF Power Training Arsenal.  It is a revolutionary tool for developing one of the key components of athletic POWER: Explosive Strength (maximum rate of force development).  The athlete's body is the hardware.  Their neural networks are the software.  The barbell is the interface.  The XSD is the hacking mechanism.   Training will Install the Super-Power code.  The athlete hits the field in GOD-MODE.  Click here to learn more.

The StratFit Acceleration Strength Device (ASD) is the second component of the SF Power Training Arsenal.   The ASD uses log chains as a form of Accommodating Resistance to hack the body's neural networks and install an accelerating firing pattern.  This is the only way to develop the second component of athletic POWER:  Acceleration Strength.  The SF Power Training Arsenal is the system to Peak Strength-Speed: The Ability of Maximum Biomechanical Power.   Click here to learn more.

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We are currently working on 3 products of the super-system.


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The Only Truth That Is Static Is That The Truth Is Dynamic.


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