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We are the applied science of physical training 
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What We Believe

  • We have created the complete applied science of physical training

  • Experienced trainers need tech to better apply their knowledge, and rookies need a more natural way to learn

  • Clients deserve an objective system to ensure they get the most out of their gym time and money

  • AI has the power to unshackle trainers' income from time, and to optimize clients ' training processes in real-time

  • That we will bring it all together into a digital fitness product that will totally change the industry

Our Mission

We founded StratFit with an innovative spirit and a bold purpose: to bring theoretical training science into the applied realm and continually develop technologies that enable worldwide implementation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the system of applied science and the predominant digital platform of the fitness world.

Our Purpose

We will create the complete system of training science and the technologies to apply it. There is no greater creative act than bringing a science from the theoretical to the applied realm, and no more important field to do it in. This ambition is the bond that brings StratFit Achievers, Trainers, Allies, Partners, and Personnel together.


Who we are

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Daniel McKee


Anthony D'Angelo

Fitness Industry Advisor

Zubin Talib

Technology Advisor

Scott Johnson

Hardware Engineering Advisor