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The Papers

StratFit has taken the major training science theories and practical trial-and-error knowledge of the 20th and early 21st centuries and created a complete system of applied science to revolutionize the field of physical training. We call this area of applied knowledge Strategic Fitness.


David Rigert Snatch

This work details the construction of the foundational value necessary for the development of a full applied mathematical science of physical training: the Internal Training Load.  The underlying principles of A.S. Prilepin's table and a comparative analysis of the world records from the super-heavyweight division of competitive Weightlifting and Powerlifting are the genesis of the whole super-system to come.


This work expands on the conceptual framework of the first paper.  In part two, the loading computation system is expanded into the "body across terrain" training modalities, from running to climbing.  A comparative analysis of the world records of competitive running (from the 100-meter dash to the 100-mile run) and climbing are used to integrate BAT training into the greater scheme based on barbell training in the first paper.

Usain Bolt Sprint


Terrance Crawford vs. Errol Spence

Between the "Applied Science of Training" parts 1 and 2 all the loading levels of standard competitive activities and workouts of various sizes for all barbell and "body across terrain" training were precisely determined.  In the third paper, these quantities are used to determine the Fitness and Fatigue developed by various activities and workouts, as well as the time to full decay of both.  These values facilitate the determination of the real-time Preparedness of an athlete at any time in the training-competition process, bringing Fitness-Fatigue Theory (2-Factor Theory) from the theoretical to the applied science realm. 


This work will detail how to determine the strength training potency from a given training set of repetitions. A physiological ability/attribute and its potency is a vector value based on three variables. This paper defines those variables and how they relate specifically to the ability of Strength. 

Ed Coan Deadlift
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