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Strategic Nutrition

We are your premier destination for personalized nutrition solutions in Kansas City! At StratFit, we understand that achieving your fitness goals goes beyond just hitting the gym; it requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses performance nutrition for weight loss and muscle building tailored to your body specifically and your activity level in training and life. Our team of experienced chefs and personal trainers will provide you with the most delicious and nutritious meal plan, ensuring that you reach your fitness goals and enjoy the journey along the way. Whether you're striving for improved body composition or enhanced athletic performance, StratFit has you covered.  Join us today and experience the best personal training and nutrition combo in Kansas City!

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We're partnering with our neighbor Chef Eric Argie of EA & Sons Catering in Waldo, Kansas City, to prepare delicious calorie and macronutrient-specific meals to fuel you toward your body composition and performance goals.


We're partnering with Supplement Superstore Ward Parkway to fine-tune your nutritional program at the micronutrient level. We worked with the expert team at SSWP to build the "StratStack"—the supplement stack to ensure your vitamin and mineral intake is fully dialed in so you experience full adaptation to your StratFit training program! 

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