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The StratFit DNA

Updated: Jan 18

At StratFit, our true line statement says that “We are the applied science of physical training.” That is undoubtedly a bold statement, and people often ask what it means or how we can claim such a lofty position.


To explain the concept, we will put the StratFit brand DNA under a microscope by analyzing our brand statements. Each of these statements presents a particular part of or stage in developing our system of applied science and technology, and their analysis will elucidate what is and why we are “Strategic Fitness.”

Our Mission

Our Mission states-

“We founded StratFit with an innovative spirit and a bold purpose: to bring theoretical training science into the applied realm and continually develop technologies that enable worldwide implementation.”

The first essential point is “to bring theoretical training science into the applied realm.” To understand what this part of the mission entails, we must first understand what Science with a capital “S” is.

Science (from Latin scientia 'knowledge')[1] is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.[2][3][4]

This definition of Science as a whole is primarily related to its theoretical aspect. It shows that Science is a modality of human existence rather than a system or collection of a priori “facts” that exist before and outside of that existential modality. Science is a method, and a method is action. Science is constant activity; it never stops evolving. In fact, it is evolution. Technological development, the scientific method, and human creativity are what drives the the evolution of physical reality itself. If Science ever ceases forward movement, it is no longer Science; it is dogma, the exact opposite of Science.

Essentially, the theoretical scientific method involves the observation of particular phenomena (using certain technologies) and the formulation of hypotheses based on the observations. The theories are then tested via experimentation, and the data is analyzed; through this process, the most valid theories emerge and become standard.

The theoretical science of physical training was established in the 20th century primarily through research and practice in the field of elite Olympic Weightlifting. Shortly after, track & field athletics, Powerlifting, and competitive bodybuilding followed. The criteria of success in these sports are by their nature rigorously objective (since these sports represent the human organism’s most direct encounter with and production of power, speed, and force). Eventually, the theoretical knowledge gained in preparation for these sports spread into more variable activities like combat and bat & ball sports. More on the genesis and evolution of theoretical training science later in this blog series.

Theoretical Science→Applied Science

As our true line and mission statements say, at StratFit, we are concerned with creating an applied science.

Applied science: the use of the scientific method and knowledge obtained via conclusions from the method to attain practical goals. -Wikipedia

Applied science is always the practical product of theoretical science. After a system of hypotheses is validated through the experimental-analytical process, mathematical equations are created that represent in numerical form what the theories communicated in thought and the spoken/written word.

The mathematical schema allows for the by-passing of constant physical experimentation with the particular phenomena, facilitating the prediction physical occurrences related to the phenomena in advance. This mathematical activity provides greater control over the occurrences in the productive world of human activity. This synthesis of the theoretical, mathematical, and practical modalities represents the transition of an area of science from the purely theoretical to the applied realm.

Technology→Science→Technology: The Technoscientific Feedback Loop

The second part of our mission states “continually develop technologies that enable worldwide implementation.”

To grasp the importance of this idea, it is necessary to understand the nature of the relationship between technology and science.

Theoretical sciences are at their genesis an intellectual offspring of a particular technology. The German philosopher Martin Heidegger was the first modern mind to discern that technology is ontologically prior to science.

Ontology: the branch of philosophy that studies concepts such as existence, being, becoming, and reality. -Wikipedia

Heidegger advanced the idea that our relationship and use of tools (technology) precedes all scientific thinking and is the fundamental basis of any scientific thought.

Contemplation of even the most basic scientific endeavor has as a prerequisite the knowledge of how to use particular tools. Even the development of a branch of knowledge as essential to physical reality as geometry first required tools (compass, straightedge, protractor, and ruler) before conceptualization could even begin.

Technology is more essential to humanity than science; and we are technological beings before we are scientific beings. Technology is fundamental to human survival. Animals survive on innate, inborn abilities/attributes, such as great size or strength, power, speed, the ability to burrow, fly, swim, etc. We, on the other hand, are born essentially defenseless against nature. As a species, we resort to technological creativity to survive. For example, we cannot survive in cold temperatures without clothing and indoor heating, primitive man could not survive around saber tooth tigers without a spear, and modern storm-tracking and communication technologies allow us to evacuate danger zones before disastrous storms.

Theoretical and eventually applied sciences arise from developments in technology. People usually think of this in reverse, but a proper understanding of the ontological-hierarchical position of science in relation to technology gives important insight into how we use applied science to survive and thrive.

A given theoretical science is essentially dependent on the mode of observation for which the particular phenomena it is concerned with is viewed; for example, the science of astronomy did not exist until the invention of the telescope. Similarly, molecular biology could not exist until the invention of the microscope. In fact, it was the employment of the telescope in the creation of observational astronomy by Galileo Galilei in the early 15th century which provided the genesis of the fully formulated scientific method. The technologies of the telescope and microscope gave us the ability to develop sciences that provide us more understanding and control over nature on the macro (Astronomy) and micro (molecular biology) levels.

After a field of theoretical science reaches the applied realm, the creative potential of humanity begins to generate more technologies based on the improvements in practical technique. A techno-scientific feedback loop establishes itself. Further technological and scientific advancements naturally follow, providing the human race with increasingly greater control over and domination of the natural world.

Creative technological development leads again to greater scientific observational capacity and experimental technique; this leads again to more precise theory and, in turn, to even more improved practical technique.

A new applied science changes the entirety of reality on the essential plane. A step in our great epistemic evolution occurs, in which entirely new possibilities emerge. The current zeitgeist expands ever so slightly, facilitating previously unimagined forms of creativity. The new science fundamentally generates altogether new phenomena, which we observe in turn. The observation drives further theoretical precision and the development of new technologies in the specific area of science. The cybernetic (feedback loop) relationship between technological development and scientific research continually drives being to higher and higher peaks of achievement.

Our Purpose

The essential relationship between technology and science and the bold mission we have set for StratFit are the vital elements of our purpose.

As evidenced by the life and work of Galileo, there is no greater creative act than bringing science from the theoretical to the applied realm. He not only gave us a comprehensive understanding of the cosmos beyond our terrestrial plane, but his effort also created an entirely new modality of human existence: the scientific method; this act is, in fact, the very definition of creation.

A science is initially the child of technology, but it eventually gives birth to even greater technologies than its parent. This process of a technology going beyond itself through science is the driving force behind humans' striving and thriving on the individual and collective levels. At StratFit, we want to work with all athletes, trainees, trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, scientific professionals, technology developers, and engineers to drive this process in the field of physical training and performance.

Our Purpose also says that “there is no greater creative act than bringing a science from the theoretical to the applied realm, and no more important field to do it in.” As stated earlier, the enterprise of science is not a search for preexisting knowledge; it is the quest to enframe nature (or a particular part of it) to facilitate greater control and utility for humankind.

At StratFit our mission is to enframe the portion of nature represented by human interaction with the physical training process, to blow open the doors of possibility for performance and health. For a person to excel in any field as an individual, they must first be healthy. For individuals to live their fullest life and to inspire others to greatness, they should live long and, most importantly, live well. We know that our science and technologies can help take human excellence to new heights and beyond. We seek to improve every person's well-being and be a catalyst of another great leap forward in the process of humanity’s historical becoming.

We will stay driven by our purpose to complete our mission, this determination will make our vision a reality.

Our purpose is at the core of what it means to be an individual human being and is at the very essence of humanity as a whole: To Achieve Beyond.

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