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StratFit DIgital

We're developing revolutionary software for trainers to design and implement precise long-term training programs to achieve goals with elite athletes and personal training clients alike.  If you are a gym owner or trainer looking to take your business to the next level contact us now. 

Fitness App on Tablet

StratFit Digital: KCMO Studio System

We developed a special version of SFD for our training studio in Waldo, KCMO.  This version allows us to create 10-week mesocycles programs and implement them with our clients to develop Strength and Mass with our PTP programming,  time-limit sets for Power, and a programming system for Endurance based on Vo2 Maximum.  Our Loading calculation system allows us to prescribe daily calorie and macronutrient intake metrics for them to achieve body composition goals.

The Strategy Design Drive

​​Developing fitness is a serious enterprise. With our StratFit Digital Strategy Design Drive trainers set loading budgets for Training Weeks and Days like a CEO sets monetary budgets for projects. The Loads of training activities (Squat, Bench Press, Snatch, etc.) debit from the balance of the training day, and sports practice, competition, and training day Loads debit from the balance of the week. Trainers effortlessly organize it all into 6-month cycles.

Fitness software on desktop
Fitness software on desktop

Develop Specific Performance Profiles

When a trainer enters the particular intensity and reps for each training activity, StratFit will let them know what ability they're developing in thier athlete. Peaking Speed, Power, Max Strength, and Muscular Endurance will be a matter-of-fact process.

Intelligent Goal Setting

StratFit Digital gives you tools to estimate current 1 Rep Maximums for any exercise and set clear, achievable 1RM 6 month goals Finally, Hercules has some help.

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Strategy Design Drive Guide

If you're a gym owner or trainer, I know your interest has peaked.  Go ahead, take a look under the hood.

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