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1. Biometric Measurements

The first step after you sign up is taking your biometric measurements.  We call your week "Week 0."  In week 0 you're not training yet, we're measuring and testing to exactly where you currently stand so you will see as much progress as possible as fast as possible when we start training.

Body Measurements_edited.jpg


The Basics

With your age, weight, and height, we can determine International performance standards for your lifts, Vo2 max, and Body Mass Index.  We will also use this information to determine your Resting Metabolic Rate and Daily requirements for Calories and Macronutrients; this sets the stage to launch into your training and nutrition program.


Body Measurements

We will take measurements of your chest, waist, biceps, thighs, etc. With these measurements, we will track your increase in muscle mass over time.


Skin Fold Measurements

We will take skin fold measurements to determine your Body Mass Index and Body Fat Percentage precisely.  We will use this information to track your improvement in body composition over time relative to international standards.


Resting Heart Rate and Maximum Heart Rate

We will take your Resting Heart Rate and determine your Maximum Heart Rate to track improvements in general health and well-being over time and to more precisely design your Cardiovascular Endurance program.

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