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What is StratFit?

StratFit is Strategic Fitness.

What do we mean by "Strategic Fitness?" In reality, when something is "fit," it was necessarily the product of a "strategy." The fitness of anything is relative to a specific purpose and is always the product of intelligent design. The tighter the fitness required, the more meticulous and thoughtful the design must be.

Think of it this way: when a bolt fits a nut and secures something, it has "fitness" for the purpose of securing a specific thing. Many intelligent professionals spent time intelligently designing and working on that bolt (and the nut) to make it "fit."

In the context of training and performance, you are the bolt, and you must become fit for the "nut" of your Purpose. Your coach or trainer knows the purpose of training and will apply intelligent design to create and use your training program. Your purpose will have particular time-sensitive goals, and your trainer must design your strategy to peak your fitness on the dates of your goals.

No one is fit without a purpose, they can be generally healthy, but they are not by definition "fit."

Mindfulness of this Purpose->Goals->Strategy->Fitness process is the essence of StratFit.

Our purpose at StratFit is to develop technologies that enable coaches/trainers and athletes/clients to be entirely strategic about the fitness development process.

The Components of StratFit

StratFit has several component sectors driving us toward the achievement of our purpose.

Applied Science

We have taken the major training science theories and practical trial-and-error knowledge of the 20th and early 21st centuries and created a complete System of Applied Science (SAS) to revolutionize the field of physical training.

The SAS is a mathematical equation system that enables training professionals to precisely prescribe and control all training/nutrition variables and their interrelated relationships.

The SAS takes the work of the greatest minds in the physical training field, such as A.S. Prilepin, Yuri Verkhoshansky, Vladimir Zatsiorsky, Thomas Kurz, Mel Siff, Mark Rippetoe, Glenn Pendalay, Charles Poliquin, Christian Thibedeau, and others. It turns this plethora of theoretical knowledge into a system of applicable mathematical equations.

Training Equipment

The Olympic barbell was the most outstanding technological development in history concerning the interaction of the human biomechanical system and external gravitational force, which is the essence of physical training.

At StratFit, we are developing revolutionary types of apparatus to make the barbell become "intelligent," to take special-strength training strategy to a whole new level.

We are also developing other types of equipment to augment the foundational

barbell training.

The Digital Fitness Product

StratFit Digital is a web-mobile app system that integrates applied science, training equipment, coaches/trainers, and athletes/clients into one physical performance development supersystem. The DFP puts more than a century of scientific development and the use of the most revolutionary equipment available into the palm of coaches' and athletes' hands.


The StratFit team comprises only the most inspired, creative, and dedicated professionals. All of our advisors, officers, digital creators, engineers, marketers, investors, and partners are united in achieving our purpose of igniting a fitness industry revolution that will take the pursuit of physical performance and development into an entirely new realm.

The Bottom Line

To become fit to achieve your goals, you must be strategic. At StratFit, we will be strategic in our goals to enable you to achieve yours. We will forever Achieve Beyond.

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